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Government type Democracy
Ruling party Traditional Party
Capital Little Rock
Population 18.93 thousand
Primary culture Cherokee
Accepted cultures
Literacy 25.8%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized Nation
Status Uncivilized

Cherokee is an uncivilized nation in North America releasable from USA USA. It has only 2 provinces to begin with (Fayetteville and Little Rock) and is surrounded by the mighty USA all the way around. It has no sea access and no possibility to conquer land in any uncivilized nation.

It borders and USA USA and uncolonized Oklahoma with Texas Texas being close by. Texas will, with almost no exception, be inherited in USA or annexed by Mexico Mexico. This makes conquest in the local neighbourhood hard to say it mildly.

If Texas is annexed by Mexico and Cherokee is sphered by USA, one can with America's help take some Mexican provinces. Otherwise, one will be completely surrounded by USA.

On the plus side, it starts with relatively many techs and inventions, since it adopts them from United States.

The American Civil War

The American Civil war between USA and Confederate States of America Confederate States of America is the single most important event for Cherokee, as it gives the possibility to conquer territory near its core areas.

The most likely scenario is that Texas is annexed by USA, and is on the side of CSA during the Civil war. Other events might be that Texas is independent, a part of Mexico or on the Union side. If Cherokee is still in existence by 1860 it is without a doubt sphered by USA. The different scenarios does not change the overall strategy in the civil war. One will have to create a CB to attack CSA and claim the most valuable province. One will have to move fast as one have to fabricate the CB and finish the war, before USA does so.

Note that any province annexed will have the cores of both CSA and USA no matter the outcome of the war.

The Trail of Tears

The American decision Trail of Tears will remove Cherokees cores on Little Rock and Fayetteville, and instead give them cores on Oklahoma City, Okmulgee and Tahlequah. It will also remove 20% of Cherokees population outside of those three provinces.

While it will reduce the population of the country, it will ironically give Country more accepted pops within the Country borders, since all Cherokee will be concentrated in 3 provinces.