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Government type HM's government
Ruling party Renaixenca Catalá (Conservative)
Capital Barcelona
Population 275.870 (if released by Spain)

40.650 (if released by France)

Primary culture Catalan
Accepted cultures Spanish
Literacy 13 % (if released by Spain)

29.3% (If released by France)

National value Equality
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
Iberia in 1836 with Catalonia as a part of Spain

Catalonia is a small, releasable nation bordering the Mediterranean Sea with one core in France France and several in Spain Spain. Catalonia can be released by either France or Spain, but not both. One can however manipulate with the game files or console to do so.

It has Catalan as its primary culture and Spanish as an accepted culture.

Pros and Cons to releasing as France


  • Much higher literacy rate, meaning faster research
  • Being released from France means you start the game with their better technologies
  • Being released from France means you will have a good chance of getting an alliance with them, and you may even get into their SOI. This can be very helpful later in the game, especially as Spain lags behind tech-wise, while France typically turns into a European juggernaut.
  • Being an OPM means you can quickly bring up Clergy to the optimum 4% of your population using your one National Focus, among other things
  • a newly released Nation gets a portion of the previous owners prestige, so Catalonia starts out with more prestige when released from France.


  • You're an OPM
  • A good amount of your population is of French culture; French is not an accepted culture in Catalonia.
  • Small starting population

Pros and Cons to being released as Spain


  • You start off with several provinces
  • Being an OSM instead of an OPM means that you can still use a National Focus to quickly raise literacy, while you still get the benefit of an increased population
  • Much larger population
  • Your entire population consists of Spanish and Catalan POPs, which are, respectively, accepted and primary cultures.


  • You're an OSM, not as bad as an OPM, but still bad
  • Low literacy rate
  • You share a border with France, which, as mentioned earlier, turns into a European juggernaut later in the game. Keeping relations high with the French can prevent an early disaster for your country.
  • Spain will not be able to protect you or provide effective assistance later in the game (at least when fighting against more modernized nations, like France) as they lag behind tech-wise due to their low literacy rate.

A strange feature about releasing catalonia from Spain, is that the reactionary carlist rebels starts in Catalonia. They will just start to take over the Spanish provinces and walk away. However, if they meet Catalonias troops they will engage in combat.


Be sure to raise your literacy as it is not very good for a civilized european nation.

Colonial targets

As per usual in Mediterranean states, one is best served by building up as large an army as the country can afford can and then building a small fleet of Clipper transport.pngclippers. One can take north Africa protectorates to help the economy. Tunis Tunis, Algeria Algeria and Morocco Morocco are the easiest targets, but Egypt Egypt provinces seems to be the most valuable. Sinai giving you a port into the Middle East and have lots of Cotton.pngcotton. States on the Arabian Peninsula can prove difficult to take. Despite being the Sick Man of Europe, the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire can protect them against someone of Catalonias size. Be sure to keep relations high with France regardless of who you are released from.


Catalonia has a lot of Fruit.pngfruit, so when it comes to factories Resource wine.pngwineries is a good start. Other than that, they haveCattle.pngcattle and Grain.pnggrain, which is not very suitable for industry. If released by France, Catalonia has only grain, and thus industry will be difficult to maintain before conquering the rest of Catalonia.

Other targets

Being placed between France and Spain, there is not a lot of natural targets for conquest. Portugal Portugal or smaller Italian states might be possible. Otherwise one can look to the new world for countries like Haiti Haiti or Venezuela Venezuela.

If released by France, one should seek to ally them and attack Spain for the rest of Catalonia. If released by Spain, they will not prove a strong enough ally to take back the French parts of catalonia. One will have to resort to either crisis or if France is destroyed by the Franco-Prussian War.