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Capitalists mini.pngCapitalists are a POP type. They are members of the rich strata along with Aristocrats. Capitalists who have enough money will build factories and railroads and with certain types of economic policy (Lassez-Faire and Interventionism) this is the only way to construct factories. However, using the Planned Economy policy will prevent capitalists from building factories and railroads. Capitalists' source of income is from the profits of their factories and may re-invest these profits into other factories, railroads or the National Bank. The remainder of the income of their factories goes to Craftsmen and Clerks who work in the factories.

Capitalists provide a bonus to factory input efficiency in the state they are located in. Capitalists are less likely to support conservative or socialist policies and parties and more likely to support liberal parties. This increases the likelihood of passing political reforms in the early game by encouraging capitalists as most countries' upper houses are comprised of the upper class.


Life Needs
Grain.png Grain 2.5
Fish.png Fish 1
Fruit.png Fruit 1
Wool.png Wool 1
Cattle.png Cattle 0.75
Everyday Needs
Coal.png Coal 20
Coffee.png Coffee 20
Resource luxury clothes.png Luxury Clothes 20
Resource luxury furniture.png Luxury Furniture 20
Resource paper.png Paper 20
Tobacco.png Tobacco 20
Resource wine.png Wine 20
Luxury Needs
Resource fuel.png Fuel 30
Resource automobiles.png Automobiles 20
Opium.png Opium 20
Resource radios.png Radio 20
Resource telephones.png Telephones 20
Resource oil.png Oil 10
Resource rubber.png Rubber 10
Resource aeroplanes.png Aeroplanes 5
Resource clipper convoys.png Clipper Convoys 2
Resource steamer convoys.png Steamer Convoys 2
Resource ammunition.png Ammunition 1
Resource small arms.png Small Arms 1

Rebel Units

Unit Type Chance
Resource artillery.png Artillery 10%
Guard.png Guard 30%
Infantry.png Infantry 60%

Ideological Tendencies

Ideology BCM
Anarcho Liberal.png Anarcho Liberal 1
Communist.png Communist 0.8
Conservative.png Conservative 1
Fascist.png Fascist 1
Liberal.png Liberal 1.2
Reactionary.png Reactionary 1
Socialist.png Socialist 0.9

Social Mobility

Modifier Value Factor Total
Province terrain is desert -1.00% -1.00%
Province terrain is arctic -1.00% -1.00%
State has no factories
Province total POPs < 200,000
-1.00% -1.00%
Is not accepted culture -1.00% -1.00%
Literacy < 30% -10.00% -10.00%
Country has country flag Serfdom Not Abolished -2.00% -2.00%
State capitalists per capita ≥ 0.1% -1.00% -1.00%
0.3% -2.00% -3.00%
0.5% -2.00% -5.00%
0.7% -50.00% -55.00%
State has no factories
Capitalists can not build factories
-40.00% -40.00%
State has no factories
Capitalists can build factories
+5.00% +5.00%
POP Luxury Needs ≥ 10% +1.00% +1.00%
20% +1.00% +2.00%
30% +1.00% +3.00%
40% +1.00% +4.00%
50% +1.00% +5.00%
Location is colonial
Country is not civilized
-50.00% -50.00%

NOTE: In the aristocrats case, the luxury needs factor (not requirement) are twice the values listed above.

Upper Classes: AristocratsCapitalists
Middle Classes: ArtisansBureaucratsClergymenClerksOfficers

Lower Classes: CraftsmenFarmersLabourersSlavesSoldiers