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Government type HM's Government
Ruling party Conservative
Capital Ottawa (ID 57)
Population 424.35 thousand
Primary culture Anglo Canadian
Accepted cultures French Canadian
Literacy 60%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized
A lot of Canada is uncolonized in 1836

Canada can be released from the United Kingdom United Kingdom, but it makes for an interesting alternative to playing as the USA USA in North America. In some ways, they play quite similarly, being a somewhat liberal country with some good RGOs (lots of Timber.pngtimber and some Coal.pngcoal) and good potential for immigration due to their location in the new world. Compared to the USA, however, they have lower literacy and a much smaller population, although they start out with Britain's better technologies.

Early Game

It might be prudent to colonize British Columbia before releasing Canada, as well as enacting the Webster-Ashburton Treaty. The USA has a habit of aggression towards an independent, non-dominion Canada because of the shared cores. On the other hand, Canada has a core on Bangor, which is lost if Webster-Ashburton Treaty is chosen. It's a choice between wanting a game at odds with USA or allied to USA.

Either way, once Canada is released, focus on ensuring good relations with the UK and the USA. Since Canada's initially low population will hamper industrialization and military building, one should first focus on prestige-improving technologies to boost the country at least into the ranks of the secondary powers. This will help with research potential as well. As usual, Clergymen mini.pngClergymen should be encouraged for much the same reason. Many European immigrants from such countries as Prussia, Spain and Britain will increase your literacy greatly.

Mid Game

Once some technologies are researched and population growth has occurred, Canada should push for colonization and imperialism. Being released from Britain means a head start on naval technology, but one will probably need several levels of naval bases to have a chance at getting the wealthier territories in Africa. Alternatively, conquering small minors in Southeast Asia can be useful - the usual targets tend to apply, like Johore Johore for its Precious metal.pnggold mines or Brunei Brunei for its eventual Resource oil.pngoil and Tropical wood.pngtropical wood. If enough prestige was gained early game, Canada should have no trouble extending to its modern borders once its minimum life rating is low enough, and more.

Late Game

As long as enough prestige was gained earlier in the game, Canada should have good income, several colonies, and a good population base at home, making a finish in the Great Powers entirely possible.