Californian Republic

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Californian Republic
Californian Republic.png
Government type Democracy
Ruling party Liberty (liberal)
Capital San Francisco (ID 84)
Population 16.000
Primary culture Yankee
Accepted cultures Dixie
Literacy 10.2%
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
A picture of an independent California released by Mexico in 1836

Californian Republic is a country releasable from Mexico 1836 only after the war with Texas is over. After Manifest Destiny the USA have cores in California. If one intends to play as California, it is better to lose the war to Texas Texas. A weaker Mexico means better possibilities to survive.

The modern American state California was an independent state in 26 days in June–July 1846 just before the Mexican–American War. The newly founded government was not recognized by any other nation, and when the American forces moved into what they saw as Mexico Mexico, the government chose to disband the republic and join the USA USA.

In Victoria II the "bear flag revolution“ is represented as Californian cores in California. If a country with an Absolute Monarchy frees the Californian Republic, California will be known as the Kingdom of California, but within a few days it will be forced to adopt a Prussian Constitutionalism and become the Californian Republic

An independent California can Apply for Statehood in the United States. Doing so will end the game though.

Initial position

Californian Republic start out with little ideal settings, Its population is rather small, It has no cores outside your borders and the USA and Mexico have cores on California. The most likely thing is Mexico or USA attempting to annex California. Defending your newly independent country is the most important task as California. Good relations with Mexico might prevent this, and becoming a part of USA's sphere will secure a decent defender.

The Californian Republic is a democracy in the new world and will get lots of immigrants. They are vital as one starts up with 0 (yes, zero) pops of the accepted culture Yankees and a very small population in general. One has to wait until some immigrate from the USA and then assimilation can begin. Later gold will be found in California, which will further increase immigration, but that is a long time away.

First Steps

In the beginning it is needed to keep the taxes around 100% because one does not have much cash to throw around. Initially Californian Republic does not have enough men to start an industry at all. It makes much more sense to educate your people and making the country's upper house more liberal. To get even more immigrants it is important to make even more reforms and prevent undemocratic revolutions.

If one intends to be militaristic, Hawaii Hawaii is the most obvious choice for aggression. Hawaii and an independent Deseret Deseret might be California's only chances of conquest to begin with. If one gains an alliance with USA, some Mexican states can also be taken quite easily.

Conquest of Hawaii opens the possibility to colonize the pacific islands and later parts of South East Asia which gives a lot of prestige. But one has to hurry as USA will usually sphere Hawaii.

After the gold rush

Some time in 1890's Precious metal.pnggold will be found in California starting the famous California Gold Rush. It will greatly boost immigration, and income. This will greatly boost Californias population and thus power.


In 1906 the San Francisco earthquake event will happen to the owner of the province of San Francisco. It will reduce all POPs in the province by 90%, which is devastating for California Republic.