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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Conservative
Capital Sofia
Population 733,970
Primary culture Bulgarian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 5.7%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
The entire Yugoslavia is splitted among Austria and Ottoman Empire in 1836

At the start of the game in 1836, Bulgaria is a releasable nation under the rule of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire and surrounded between by powerful neighbors, the other being Russia Russia. The country faces many challenges starting off: it is very divided between the Bulgarian majority and a large Turkish minority as well as a couple of other minorities including Greeks and Romanians, economically poor, and its population is largely illiterate. A lot of foreign countries hold cores on Bulgarian land including Moldavia Moldavia, Romania Romania, Serbia Serbia and Greece Greece (even more so after taking the decision The Megali Idea). But this situation can be improved and gains can be made at the expense of the Ottomans with the assistance of a powerful ally such as Russia or Austria Austria. Bulgaria also has the possibility to form Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, although it is not a requirement for other nation to include Bulgaria.

Starting out

There are a couple of options to play as Bulgaria.

  1. Starting off as the Ottoman Empire and releasing Bulgaria. This route is the quickest.
  2. Playing as another country such as Austria Austria or Russia and forcing the Ottomans to release Bulgaria in a couple of wars. This is a longer option but gives the benefit of Bulgaria being in another great power's sphere of influence, thus making it protected from Ottoman invasion.

There are two natural enemies at the start of the game: Montenegro Montenegro and Serbia. Both can easily be beaten, once Bulgaria has build up its military. Securing an alliance with a european great power is key to Bulgarias long-term success. If one intends to form Yugoslavia, it might be a good idea to puppet them instead of outright annexing them.

Once Bulgaria is independent, the Turkish event Flight from Istanbul will happen, which makes it possible to annex Istanbul with the help of another great power e.g. Russia.