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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative)
Capital Bukhara (ID 1198)
Population 627.09 thousand
Primary culture Uzbek
Accepted cultures
Literacy 2 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Uncivilized nation
A view of Bukkhara and the surrounding nations in 1836

Bukkhara is an Uncivilized, Landlocked Nation located in Central Asia, south of Russia Russia. It borders Khiva to the west, Kokand to the east and north and Afghanistan in the south.

It is one of the Turkic Khanates, along with Khiva Khiva and Kokand Kokand.

It will have to civilize before being able to research new technologies. Bukkhara's literacy is at extremely low 2%. On top of that, it has not completed any reforms.

The threat of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Afghanistan may declare war on Bukkhara sooner or later, as they have a core in the province of Balkh. This attack will be hard to repel without allies, as Afghanistan can recruit twice as many soldiers and also has army leaders.

It starts outside of any sphere of influence and does not have any alliances. It is however normal, that Khiva and/or Kokand will offer an alliance. Bukkhara starts with a rather good relation to Khiva (60) and with positive relations (between 10 and 35) to Kokand Kokand. But even with Alliances with both of these nation, containing Afghanistan might prove difficult.

Therefore, one has to seek out an alliance with Persia Persia or Punjab Punjab. An alliance with Russia would be ideal, and sooner or later Russia or United Kingdom United Kingdom will sphere Bukkhara.

If Afghanistan attacks before a secure alliance has been secured, it might be a good idea just to give the province up to minimize losses.


Bukkhara starts with 9 brigades out of 9 possible brigades in 3 armies: