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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative)
Capital Brunei
Population 53.000
Primary culture Malay
Accepted cultures Yue
Literacy 6,3%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized

By 1836, the once-powerful Sultanate of Brunei has been reduced to merely an area hugging Borneos northern coast. Can you lead it to glory once more? It lies isolated on Borneo with Dutch colonies on the southern part of Borneo, but with uncolonized land between them.

Starting Condition

Small, Uncivilised, low on population. Brunei starts off the game in a pretty vulnerable position. There's powerful and hungry empires all around, and little room to expand into. One can't afford much of an army and that does not seem to change over the course off the game.

Brunei alongside Johore, Atjeh and Dutch Indonesia

The Area south of Brunei is uncolonized, but it is not realistic to westernize and get secondary power before 1870, so the area will usually go to either Netherlands Netherlands or Spain Spain.


Little, but not none. Siam Siam,Atjeh Atjeh and Johore Johore have a considerable population of your Main Culture, Malay. So does the Dutch possession of Sumatra. The problem lies in the disparity in military strength: you can field one regiment, both Johore and Atjeh have 3. And because of the heterogeneity of your population and Soldier POPs, you won't be raising a second one soon. Even worse, Heart of Darkness strongly promotes stack-based sieging, meaning that even if you managed to vanquish their forces, you'd be sieging them forever. You're so puny, you'll be struggling to even find allies.

Does this mean all is lost? Not really, but succeeding with Brunei will depend greatly on forces beyond your control: should Siams(or Johores or Atjehs) military be completely destroyed, you can risk an attack. Overall, Brunei is a challenge, but not one that cannot be overcome.

Guangxi Guangxi holds a lot of the accepted culture Yue, so if they have not westernized yet they might be a good target of conquest. Even more so, if they happen to no longer be a substate of China. It is however a very difficult target for Brunei, but it might be possible if you have annexed Atjeh and Johore or possibly if you have a European great power ally.