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Victoria 2 : Bronies Crusaders, A alternate History


This is a My Little Pony themed mod for bronies.


  • 2 new governments
  • New provinces (Andorra, Monaco ...)
  • 300 New real and imaginary countries (Westphalie, Hyrule, Warfang state, Well soul, redwall, gascogna, toulouse, AppleLoosa, Groland, etc. ...)
  • new graphics (Big Ben)
  • new scenarios (1915, 1927, 1965, 2000, 2021, 2042, 2060, 2084 and 2150)
  • new cultures groups (ponies, buffalo, griffins, dragons)
  • new cultures (Picard ...)
  • new Unifications (Avalar Empire, Roman Empire, Skyland (Warfang) empire, Gallic Empire, Celtic Empire, Soviet union, Holy roman Empire, Balkan Empire and other ...)

Time line

1453 AC: Byzantium survive to Ottomans but become a small country confined in Morea and Epirus, without Constantinople, his capital.

1482 AC: Novgorod survive after a war against Moscow, who Become Greater Russia.

1492 AC: Christophe Colomb discover America, Aragon refuse to joint Castilla

1500 AC: Castilla and Portugal colonize America

1580 AC: a Civil war between Catholic and Protestants divide France.

1600 AC: England become UK and colonize North America

1648 AC: Native Americans found a new culture group, Equestrian culture group.

1648 AC: Tibetan and Mongolians found a new culture group, Dragon culture group.

1690 AC: Sweden and Denmark collapses (Denmark is reestablished in 1720 AC).

1752 AC: UK is divided by a revolution.

1754 AC: Baltica (Livonian order), survive to Russian empire

1758 AC: USA give his independence, Prussia annex Brandeburger.

1762 AC: Poland Lithuania is Dissolved. Prussia Annex Lithuania and decide to form Prussia-Lithuania

1780 AC: Flanders and Walloon born.

1795 AC: USA is divided after a civil war, CSA and Tenessy born

1796 AC: Canada, Quebec and Maritime union give independence.

1805 AC: CSA give independence to East Dixie (Chrysal) but only in the south.

1806 AC: Paris-Orleans occupies a part of France region

1815 AC: Paris-Orleans become a constitutional monarchy. In even time, a civil war begin in Germany and Prussia-Lithuania lose Brandeburger.