British South Africa Company

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The Rhodes Colossus: Caricature of Cecil John Rhodes out of Punch magazine (1892) by Edward Linley Sambourne, after he announced plans for a telegraph line and railroad from Cape Town to Cairo.

British South Africa Company is a decision available to United Kingdom United Kingdom. One have to own Harare (id 2068), Gweru (id 2069), Mutare (id 2070), Bulawayo (id 2071), Hwange (id 2072), Masvingo (id 2073), Kariba (id 2635) and have invented Mission to Civilize. It gives Southern Rhodesia Southern Rhodesia cores on all the provinces mentioned above and gives United Kingdom 10 prestige. It also changes the name of the province Harare to Salisbury and changes the name of the region of Zambezi to Southern Rhodesia.

It is advisable to take the decision unless one have unusual high militancy in those provinces, and one fear that the British armies cannot beat the rebels.

Ingame description

The BSAC, founded by mining magnate Cecil Rhodes, received its royal charter in 1889. The company was modeled after the British East India Company, and was established to promote the further exploitation of South-Central Africa. The area previously known as Zambezi, after the river of the same name, would later during the colonial era become known as 'Rhodesia', in honor of the man had opened the region up to British interests.