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Government type HM's Government
Ruling party Partido Conservador (conservative)
Capital Rio de Janeiro (ID 2447)
Population 1.5 Million
Primary culture Brazilian
Accepted cultures Afro Brazilian
Religion Catholic.pngcatholic
Literacy 7.7%
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Secondary power
Brazil in 1836

”If I were not an emperor, I would like to be a teacher. I know no greater and nobler mission than to lead the young intelligences and to prepare the men of the future.”. - Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil

Brazil: by far the largest nation of South America, it has a wide variety of resources and a large population. Through the combination of its size and central position (bordering almost every country in South America, except Ecuador Ecuador and Chile Chile), it can easily dominate the entire continent. Brazil is considered one of the best nations to learn the game with, as they are relatively easy and very forgiving.

Events and decisions

Brazil has a single unique decision: Fatherland Volunteers. Additionally it has a few unique events:

  1. O Navio Negreiro
  2. O jogo bonito, the beautiful game
  3. The Sabinada


Brazil is full of potential, and it's not very hard for even a player of low skill to come to dominate the South American continent. Though relatively handicapped Industry-wise, Brazil should aim at becoming a Great Power. This can be accomplished in various ways, though gaining prestige either through Technology or War is a straightforward option. Taking one's cores from the neighboring states is an easily accomplished but profitable aim. If one wishes, one can even escalate the wars to make a few more conquests, or Humiliate them for added Prestige.

As with any country with low literacy, it is imperative to set the education slider to maximum, set national focuses to encourage Clergymen mini.pngclergymen in each state until they are 2% of the total, and focus on Philosophy and Social Thought techs.

One thing of specific importance to Brazil is slavery: Brazil has a fair portion of slaves, and this issue can be exploited to drive political reform. If one seeks to drive up immigration, though, one should consider outlawing it as soon as the option becomes available.

Immigration is another thing Brazil can benefit greatly from: through the use of the Encourage Immigration national focus, as well as by passing political and social reforms, one greatly increase Brazil's population (and, usually, its literacy with it).

Possibilities for industry

Though Brazil doesn't have the RGOs to allow for easy industrialization (like Coal.pngcoal or Iron.pngiron), it has an abundance of cash crops like Coffee.pngcoffee and Tropical wood.pngtropical wood, and later in the game an ample supply of Resource rubber.pngrubber. If one waits for half-fabricates (like Resource glass.pngglass and Resource cloth.pngcloth) to become abundant on the world market later in the game, a mid-sized industry can be built up. Combined with iron that can be acquired in one of Chile Chile's RGOs (by conquest or sphering), the rubber allows for a profitable Resource electric parts.pngelectric parts sector. Its population is pretty homogeneous, and the rest of the indigenous people will be assimilated soon enough. Brazil also has cores on Colombia, Bolivia and Paraguay, all of which are opponents that can easily be dealt with. Technology-wise, Brazil does not have a terrific start: low Literacy and relatively few starting techs.

Colonization and The scramble for Africa

Colonization is a path that historically Brazil never took (except when the United Kingdom of Portugal Brazil and Algarves conquered French Guyana as a colony), but the player can choose to: this would require an investment in naval infrastructure and technology, but it's doable. Africa has some Coal.pngcoal and Iron.pngiron, which Brazil desperately lacks, and will also get Resource rubber.pngrubber before metropolitan Brazil. The prestige gain from finishing colonies is potentially huge, and could propel Brazil to great power status almost by itself.


Brazil has several cores in other nations. Colombia Colombian and Bolivia Bolivian Amazonas and Paraguay Paraguayan Mato Grosso are easily taken as Brazil's armies will outnumber them.

Besides the infamy-free warfare, Brazil can easily beat any South American nation that is not in a Great Power's sphere.

On top of that Brazil has the decision Fatherland Volunteers, which will help with warfare by reducing war exhaustion.


Though the biggest kid in the neighborhood, Brazil is at game start (and usually for most of the game) not a first-rank power: France and Britain can outmatch it easily. As such, an alliance with another Great Power is useful, and perhaps even desirable:

  • USA USA: The light blue behemoth of North America: though a multitude stronger than Brazil, it usually limits itself to sphering Colombia and building the Panama Canal. Better a friend than a foe, but a very expansionary Brazil might eventually butt heads with them.
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom: Large and in charge, Britain is the strongest country in the world, and borders Brazil.
  • France France: If one wants to counterbalance Britain.

Regardless of the player's choice, when Brazil inevitably gets sphered, the sphere master will be the only great power that can forge an alliance with them.