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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Sarajevo
Population 216.130
Primary culture Bosniak
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
The entire Yugoslavia is splitted among Austria and Ottoman Empire in 1836

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a Yugoslavian nation placed in the very north of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire bordering Austria Austria. It can form Yugoslavia Yugoslavia together with the Austrian-controlled Croatia Croatia and Slovenia Slovenia and the independent nations Montenegro Montenegro and Serbia Serbia.

If released from the Ottomans in 1836, there are several problems: powerful enemies will surround the country from all sides. Other than Austria and The Ottoman Empire, Serbia will usually also be aggressive since it has cores on Bosnia. When released it will have an atrocious literacy rate for a European country, and will furthermore have lackluster starting tech. To add to the list of disadvantages the RGOs are mainly Grain.pnggrain and Fish.pngfish.

On the road to Form Yugoslavia Bosnia will have to contest with the two great powers Austria and Ottoman Empire. An alliance with Russia Russia is key to succes, but one has to hope that they show an interest in Bosnia and put them in their sphere. Allying Ottoman Empire temporarily in the beginning might be a good idea though. Attacking Montenegro and either making it a puppet or annexing it, is a natural first step for Bosnia.