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Government type Presidential Dictatorship
Ruling party Reactionary
Capital Chuquisaca
Population 358.80 thousand
Primary culture South Andean
Accepted cultures Quechua, Aimara
Literacy 9 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
Bolivia in the center of South America

Bolivia is a civilized nation in central South America. It borders all South American nations except Uruguay Uruguay and the nations of Gran Colombia Gran Colombia. It starts with an alliance with Peru Peru, but they will likely abandon Bolivia to its fate once Brazil Brazil starts to attack. It is difficult to find any allies, and Bolivia has a lot of potential enemies.

Bolivia has two accepted cultures other than its primary South Andean: Quechua and Aimara, two native groups in Bolivia.


With four different countries all with cores on Bolivian territory, it's likely to be attacked, possibly from several directions at once. Diplomacy is important to ensure hanging on to the land it has.

The cores on you from other nations are as follows:

If Brazil conquers Amazonas, it'll usually go for La Paz next once the truce is over. First time Brazil attacks, one is recommended to give them whatever they want. If Brazil destroys the army completely, one will have no chance against Argentina, Paraguay or Chile. Luckily the three are not usually on good terms with each other, so one can fight them one by one.

Being sphered by United States of America United States of America is the best case scenario, and will remove the threat for good. That is however very unlikely to achieve in time, and there is little one can do to make it happen.


Peru has the same accepted culture and therefore is the obvious choice for conquest. Furthermore they have more of the accepted native POP Quechua. Other than Peru, Chile and Paraguay can also be attacked.