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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Konservative partei (conservative)
Capital Munich (ID 599)
Population 1.06 Million
Primary culture South German
Accepted cultures
Religion Catholic.pngcatholic
Literacy 70%
National value Order
Tech school Corporative industrialism
Status Civilized
Bavaria is in the southern part of modern Germany with Austria further to the south.

Bavaria, the third strongest power in Germany Germany, starts at 19th (1836 start), and can fairly easily become a Great Power. A great military, stable finances and a high literacy rate make Bavaria a good country to play. But it must be wary, particularly of the two great powers surrounding it, Prussia Prussia and Austria Austria, who wish to sphere it to form Germany. An expansionist France France who desires a South German puppet also presents unique challenges on the diplomatic stage.

Unless prevented, Bavaria will most likely be annexed when either Prussia forms Germany proper or Austria forms the South German Federation South German Federation and/or Germany proper. To prevent this, effectively one has to become a great power.

On Bavaria's way to forming Germany, they can form the South German Confederation as a midway point.

Bavaria has two unique decisions, which both give prestige:

Bavaria has 5 unique events, one of which it shares with Germany

Note that The Walhalla cannot be taken as another nation, so make sure to take it before forming SGF or Germany.

How to become a Great Power

1. The diplomatic and military way

The heading target for Bavaria is to participate in an Austria-Prussia Hegemony war and win it. Try to make alliances with the little Austrian-influenced countries, particularly Baden Baden and Württemberg Württemberg. After stabilizing the finances, invest in military and use the NF to encourage Soldiers mini.pngsoldiers. Build up a strong military and research military techs. Bavaria has to take a small part of Prussia (Prussian Württemberg) to form South German Confederation, so that can be a possible target.

When the war begins, it is generally the best idea to let Austria do the heavy fighting as losing Bavaria's army would set its ambitions back several years. If Prussia is throwing all their army against Bavaria, avoid fighting them. After Austrian units move on Prussian territory, the Prussian army will most likely retreat back to its homeland and Bavaria can attack again. One can add war goals to improve prestige and take the Prussian part of south Germany. Now Bavaria should be a Great Power because of their high military rank and their prestige.

2. The industrial and cultural way

This way takes a lot of time. First use the National Focus "encouraging Craftsmen mini.pngcraftsmen" and stabilize your finances. Bavaria produces a fair bit of Coal.png in München and Regensburg, and plenty of ressources in the Austrian market. Try to stay neutral in Hegemony Wars. Just occupy as much as needed to get a white peace. After researching medicine it's good to focus on the railroad to improve the infrastructure in all Bavarian states. Romanticism is a good alternative first tech, as it gives prestige on its own as well as enabling the event The Walhalla (event). Then focus on culture techs, especially try to be the first discoverer of Impressionism. Use the decisions "The Schwabing Circles" and "The Walhalla" to increase your prestige. During this time some factories should have appeared; subsidize them if necessary to gain their industrial points. Also create as many Officers mini.pngofficers as possible to raise your little army rank. Due to their middle industrial rank, their low military rank and their high prestige rank, Bavaria can usually become a great power by 1855. One will however not stay there effortlessly, once Japan westernises, Italy emerges and other countries starts to emerge.

One should also consider at least one voting reform to avoid the event Lola Montez.

Uniting Germany

When choosing way one to become a Great Power, use your influence to sphere Baden and Württemberg and then conquer Prussian Württemberg. Create the South German Federation. Then try to get all the North German minors by war or influence into your SoI. Use the Admit Hegemony casus belli against Prussia before they drop to secondary power.

Especially destroy the whole Prussian army and add the war goal "cut down to size" to weaken them over the century. After conquering Prussia (by war or making them lose their Great Power status and sphering them then), Bavaria/The SGF is then able to unite Germany step by step.

When choosing way two to become a Great Power then it's now time to influence Baden and Württemberg. Now Bavaria also needs a great army. Use the NF and high military spending building up 50 to 70 units well mixed (3 inf/1 art/1 cav is suggested). Then declare War on Prussia to acquire Prussian Württemberg. Use the cavalry as a decoy, reinforce with your inf/art stacks. After completing this target, Bavaria is able to create the SGF. As soon as possible, try weakening Prussia in the second war against them. Conquer regions with high industrialization and high population. After conquering or sphering the weakened Prussia, you can unite Germany by the decision.

At some point, you must attack France for Alsass-Lorraine. This is a difficult war and it is suggested to wait until Bavaria/SGF is allied with all the German minors.

Two additional targets before uniting Germany: Conquering Austria to unite Greater Germany (Großdeutschland) and conquering Luxembourg Luxembourg as a German core.

Additional targets

Bavaria can get military access through Baden to conquer Switzerland Switzerland.

It's possible to attack some German minors if they are not in a sphere, but Prussia will most likely defend them.

Bavaria can sometimes fight a war against Austria if France or Prussia put Bavaria out of Austria's sphere. If Prussia wins the hegemony wars against Austria, a Bavarian army should take some Austrian regions.