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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Bali (ID 1438)
Population 209.47K
Primary culture Malay
Accepted cultures Moluccan
Literacy 1.0%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
The Netherlands control almost the entire Indonesia but Bali is independent

During the time period of the game, Bali and the rest of the Indonesian archipelago was subject to Dutch control, either by direct administration or by figurehead governments supported by Netherlands Netherlands colonial forces. [1]

Depending on your overall aims, you can attempt to reclaim the Indonesian archipelago and unite your people, overthrowing the Dutch oppressors, or play a more peaceful game focusing on small expansion, westernisation and building up a stable economy. Since Mollucan is an accepted culture, annexing Mollucas from the Dutch is good target.

In addition to Dutch colonial power in the region, you will also have to watch out for the Spanish, Portuguese, and of course the United Kingdom all involved in the area. Fortunately, you are too small to be of interest, as long as you maintain healthy relations with these powers you will be safe from intervention.

Things to avoid

Firstly, as with any small nation, your main risk is from reactionary uprisings the further down the chain of westernisation you progress. To counter this it is imperative that you maintain a small army stationed in your capital or keep a very close eye on the risk of reactionary revolts and suppress them when possible. If you lose a reactionary uprising before westernisation, you can fall into the reactionary death-spiral were reactionaries spawn and you have no means to suppress or defeat them; once this happens, your game is effectively over.

Secondly, it is important to keep relations with the major powers in the region above 50 to avoid random CBs. In fact, if you work at building your relations with one of the major powers you may be lucky and become part of their Sphere of Influence and gain a useful deterrent from the aggression of other powers.

Goals and general strategy

Below is outlined a general strategy that will allow you to build up a strong base for your nation to give you a multitude of possibilities later in the game once you have westernised.

Initial position

Bali is a small, two island, nation, with an uneducated population lacking in modern technology, your literacy is 1%. It's primary trade goods are lumber from the dense forests in the area and it's vibrant fishing fleet. Your population of some 200,000 people is reasonable for the area, and consists of Malay and Mollucan cultures. Many of your neighbours in the region are predominantly Malayan people, thus a ready source of primary culture POP and a good means to increase your population quickly. However, a significant amount of your people are under the yoke of Dutch colonists. You have an army of 3 brigades, but no navy. Bali has no cores on other nations, so all CBs for war will need to manufactured at the outset.

The Royalist faction are currently in power at the beginning of the game, however, this can be changed to the Nationalist faction in for the extra 10% bonus (30% total) for CB generation due to Jingoism. Once wars are over the government can be switched to either of the other two parties.

First moves

Looking at the initial map, there are three other uncivilised nations in the region that are Malayan: Atjeh Atjeh, Johore Johore, and Brunei Brunei. Of the three, Brunei has the smallest army of a single brigade which can be easily defeated by your three starting brigades. Both Johore and Atjeh have an army equal to your own. It is important to conquer these nations as quickly as possible and then have a period of stability, disbanding most of your army and navy after conquest to save on maintenance costs.

Regardless of which nation you would like to conquer first, you will need to manufacture a CB of conquest. This can cost you up to 22 infamy. It is a risky move to generate another if you have more than 3 infamy as this could push you over your limit of 25, however, you need to weigh up the risk of this if you want Johore and it's Precious metal.pnggold resources as they will often fall within the UK sphere in the first ten years of the game. Also, you will need to build yourself a couple of transport ships in order to ferry your army to your target.


It's a simple matter of loading up your army and disembarking them on the Brunei capital, and then occupying all of their provinces. This will give you approximately 50,000 people of accepted culture.


They have an initial army identical to your own, however, you can build one more brigade at the start which gives you a small numerical advantage. It is not advisable to disembark your forces on their capital as you will suffer an amphibious penalty by doing so and your army will be destroyed; the better strategy is to disembark in Kuala Lumpur and goad them into attacking you. It also is a good idea to wait until you have accrued enough leadership to get a general with an attack and/or a defence bonus.

Once their army is defeated, again, it is a simple matter of occupying their provinces and uniting your peoples.


Again, a similar strategy to Johore must be employed by landing in a defensible province and goading them into attacking you.


It is important to increase your numbers of Clergymen mini.pngclergymen as quickly as possible in order to boost your educational efficiency and bring in much needed research points. Initial National Focus needs to be set increasing clergy in your most populous state to 4% (2% for research and the extra 2% to maximise educational efficiency in that state)


Once westernised, you will want to concentrate on building factories whose inputs you can support. The area you should control, when you westernizes should contain a lot of Timber.pngtimber and Tropical wood.pngtropical wood. So factories such a Resource lumber.pngsaw mills, Resource furniture.pngfurniture and Resource luxury furniture.pngluxury furniture is the most fitting. Otherwise the classics such as Resource liquor.pngliquor distelleries are always good. If you are in a SOI you will also be able to get access to resources you may be lacking such as Coal.pngcoal and Iron.pngiron, which are vital to construct heavier industries. It is best to concentrate on consumer and luxury goods initially, and try to steadily increase your prestige to gain better access to the global markets.

Once you activate the Resource fuel.pngFuel Refinery, you will be able to start ramping up your industry score as Resource oil.png will be discovered later in the region, and bringing in more funds for your treasury.

Mid-Late game

Once you have the Malayan people under your control, it is time to concentrate on your economy and technology. It is possible with good allies to take the Dutch colonial states from them. In order to do this it is advisable to have a strong European ally such as Germany Germany, France France, or the United Kingdom United Kingdom, preferably one that is not also allied with the Dutch!

Keep an eye on what wars they are involved in and strike when they are vulnerable. Your European allies may take the Dutch homelands and non-Asian colonies, while you concentrate on the Asian theatre. Especially Moluccas, Sunda Islands, Borneo and Sumatra are important, as they hold more of your accepted culture: Malay and Mollucan.

Once this is complete, you will be a significant regional power and can look at further expansion or concentrate on building your industry and prestige until the end-game.