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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative)
Capital Banda Aceh (1405)
Population 243.00k
Primary culture Malay
Accepted cultures Yue
Literacy 5.1%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Atjeh alongside Johore, Brunei and Dutch Indonesia

Atjeh is an uncivilized nation in the western part of Maritime South-East Asia. As the biggest and most populous of the Malay nations, it has an advantage in building a pan-Malay nation (to help expand National Focus). It also accepts Yue people, and as a result, if one annexes Guangxi Guangxi, one will have unlimited labor and troops.

Towards the west

Atjeh starts with an economy that is insufficient to wagon west. Deficit will cripple the effort to educate the people. Thus, conquer Johore Johore immediately in order to fund Westernization effort with the valuable Precious Metal resources.

In all matters it is important to keep an eye on which nations the UK attacks or spheres. A potentially strong Netherlands Netherlands should also be kept an eye on. Avoid having a war with the United Kingdom United Kingdom or the Netherlands during early game. Try to increase the relation by more than 100 in order to prevent them from declaring war on Atjeh. A war declaration from UK or Netherlands early on will most likely end the game.

Due to the amount of islands and peninsulas, that one have to look after, keeping and maintaining the biggest fleet in the area (at least the biggest of the non-western fleets) is essential. If one have the biggest fleet, one does not need to fear war on own ground at all.

War with Johore

However, it is advised to attack Johore only when a general has been produced, since Johore starts with a general and if one invades them without the wise guidance of a general, one will surely be defeated even though they have inferior number. If one have a general, and a fleet to transport the troops, the war itself should not be problematic.

Other targets

After wards one can go after the other Malay nation Brunei Brunei, which will add more people of accepted culture and offer Oil later on. Bali Bali also provides a good population boost.

After those are annexed, one can go after bigger Asian nations. Atjeh is simply too small to support a large army. Thus, try to gamble by taking part of Siam. Obviously, Siam is too strong even if one have annexed Bali, Brunei and Johore. However, Siam is often attacked by foreign powers, such as the United Kingdom, Burma Burma, or Dai Nam Dai Nam. When this happens one can take advantage of the situation and attack them. If one have annexed Johore, one borders Siam, but otherwise the fleet is needed to reach them.

UK can decided to be friendly with Siam. In that case one have to go after Burma, Dai nam or Cambodia Cambodia.

When one have conquered the surrounding nations, one should be well underway to westernization.


When one have conquered all of the independent South east Asian nations, one will be provided with a large population ready to be conscripted. This will be essential in raising Atjeh's status into a great power.


On the process, one can try to gain a foothold in Africa by taking over Oman Omani regions in East Africa. After Atjeh is westernized before 1860–1865, research focus on Medicine, Machine Guns, and Nationalism & Imperialism can make it possible to colonize Africa.

The nearby area

There is too a lot of uncolonized land in the proximity of Atjeh. Borneo, New Guinea, Polynesia to name a few. Colonization is the local area will too provide Malay POP's. There is not a lot of competitors in this region. One does only have to look out for UK, Netherlands, Japan Japan and Spain Spain.

Guangxi Guangxi holds a lot of the accepted culture Yue, so if they have not westernized yet they might be a good target of conquest. Even more so, if they happen to no longer be a substate of China.