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There are two kinds of Assimilation in Vanilla Victoria II. The first is cultural assimilation, which is where POPs of non-accepted culture will turn into POPs of the primary culture. The second is religious conversion, where POPs not following the state religion will convert to the state religion. Both types of assimilation happen over time automatically. Cultural Assimilation and Religious Conversion are similar to Promotion, and Demotion, and Immigration, except that they do not have a direction roll. Instead, assimilating POPs will automatically assimilate or convert to the national culture(s) or national religion.

Cultural assimilation first requires POPs of a primary or accepted culture of POPs to assimilate into. For example, Italian POPs in New York City will assimilate to the Yankee culture, but will not assimilate while in Los Angeles until some Yankees (or another accepted culture) migrate there. Assimilation will typically prioritise primary cultures, however can happen to any accepted culture - so Native American Minor POPs in Oklahoma City will at first assimilate into Cherokee, however may switch to Yankee or Dixie if any of those POPs are present in the province.

While Cultural Assimilation is per month, Religious conversion is per day. This means that religion will typically be converted much quicker than cultures are assimilated. Japan, for example, starts with a Shinto population of around 25%, however this will typically have shrunk to around 2% by 1861. By contrast, Nanfaren POPs in Okinawa will assimilate very slowly (if at all) despite not having a cultural core.

Cultural Assimilation

Cultural Assimilation is the phenomenon that people of not-accepted cultures will turn into the primary culture of the nation. (For example, North German pops living in Denmark will slowly turn into Danes)

The formula for calculating the number of people in a pop to assimilate each month is the following:

   Number to Assimilate = Pop Size x Base Assimilation Rate x (1 + Continent Modifier) x Total Assimilation Factor (as shown in game) x 100


   Base Assimilation Rate = 0.40% per month (vanilla)
   Continent Modifier = -0.25 (Europe); -0.5 (Asia); -0.25 (Africa); 0.5 (Americas and Oceania)
Modifier Value Factor Total
Literacy ≥ 60% +0.10% +0.10%
70% +0.10% +0.20%
80% +0.10% +0.30%
Has Cultural Core -20.00%
Is NOT Accepted Culture
Continent is North America OR South America OR Oceania
Luxury Needs ≥ 10% +0.20% +0.20%
30% +0.20% +0.40%
50% +0.20% +0.60%
70% +0.20% +0.80%
90% +0.20% +1.00%
Militancy ≥ 7 -0.20% -0.20%
8 -0.20% -0.40%
9 -0.20% -0.60%
Is Accepted Culture* -1.00%
Unemployment < 10% +0.05% +0.05%
5% +0.05% +0.10%
  • Accepted cultures do not assimilate anyway, so it is unknown why this modifier is present in-game.

Religious Conversion

Similarly, the formula for calculating the number of people in a pop to convert each month is the following:

   Number to Convert = Pop Size x Base Conversion Rate x Total Conversion Factor (as shown in game) x 100


   Base Conversion Rate = 1% per month (vanilla)
Modifier Value Factor Total
Literacy ≥ 40% +0.05% +0.05%
50% +0.05% +0.10%
60% +0.05% +0.15%
Luxury Needs < 90% +0.20% +0.20%
70% +0.20% +0.40%
50% +0.20% +0.60%
Life Needs < 90% +0.05% +0.05%
80% +0.05% +0.10%
70% +0.05% +0.15%
NOT National Culture +0.15%
Unemployment > 10% +0.05% +0.05%
20% +0.05% +0.10%
30% +0.05% +0.15%