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Aristocrats mini.pngAristocrats are a type of POP, which are members of the rich strata of the population along with Capitalists. They are landowners that own the RGOs and provide a bonus of 2% maximum to their output. Aristocrats take a large majority of the income that is generated by them with the remaining amount going to Farmers and Labourers who work in the RGOs.


Life Needs
Grain.png Grain 2.5
Fish.png Fish 1
Fruit.png Fruit 1
Wool.png Wool 1
Cattle.png Cattle 0.75
Everyday Needs
Resource paper.png Paper 10
Tobacco.png Tobacco 10
Resource wine.png Wine 10
Coffee.png Coffee 5
Resource luxury clothes.png Luxury Clothes 3
Resource luxury furniture.png Luxury Furniture 3
Coal.png Coal 1
Luxury Needs
Resource automobiles.png Automobiles 10
Resource fuel.png Fuel 10
Resource radios.png Radio 10
Resource telephones.png Telephones 10
Resource aeroplanes.png Aeroplanes 5
Resource clipper convoys.png Clipper Convoys 2
Resource steamer convoys.png Steamer Convoys 2
Resource ammunition.png Ammunition 1
Resource small arms.png Small Arms 1

Rebel Units

Unit Type Chance
Cavalry.png Cavalry 10%
Cuirassier.png Cuirassier 10%
Dragoon.png Dragoon 10%
Guard.png Guard 60%
Hussar.png Hussar 10%

Ideological Tendencies

Ideology BCM
Anarcho Liberal.png Anarcho Liberal 1
Communist.png Communist 1
Conservative.png Conservative 1
Fascist.png Fascist 1
Liberal.png Liberal 1.1
Reactionary.png Reactionary 1.1
Socialist.png Socialist 1

Social Mobility

Bureaucrats, Clergymen, Farmers, Labourers, and Officers may promote to Aristocrats based on the following factors:

Modifier Value Factor
State Aristocrats Per Capita ≥ 2% -100.00%
POP Luxury Needs < 10% -100.00%
POP Luxury Needs ≥ 100% +10.00%
POP Literacy < 50% +2.00%
Upper Classes: AristocratsCapitalists
Middle Classes: ArtisansBureaucratsClergymenClerksOfficers

Lower Classes: CraftsmenFarmersLabourersSlavesSoldiers