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Government type Presidential dictatorship
Ruling party Partido Reaccionario (reactionary)
Capital Buenos Aires (ID 2348)
Population 237.44 thousand
Primary culture Platinean
Accepted cultures
Literacy 9.7%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
Argentina in 1836

Argentina is a large but sparsely populated civilized nation in the southern end of South America. It is placed among Brazil Brazil and Chile Chile. It has a low pop density on all of its provinces meaning low production. The top export will be Cattle.pngcattle and Timber.pngtimber.

It is possible that Argentina can become an immigrant magnet using the right reforms and budgets, but it starts out as a presidential dictatorship, which is not good for immigration. It has a core on the United Kingdom United Kingdom-owned Falkland Islands as well in some provinces of Bolivia Bolivia's Jujuy and Alto Paraguay regions. The former will likely be impossible to conquer, the latter a ripe target to aim for.

Argentina has the unique decision Law 1420, which gives a bonus to research.

Starting up

A priority should be researching techs that improve production. The RGO bonuses are crucial to Argentinas frankly lackluster budget. One has casus belli on Bolivia for four provinces and Argentina starts with a decent army. It is recommended to attack relatively early.

It is recommended to encourage Clergymen mini.pngclergymen to improve the relatively bad literacy, that South American nations typically have. Literate immigrants from Europe wil however soon improve the literacy.

Due to Argentinas low population it is recommended to make as many reforms as possible in order to attrack as many immigrants as possible.

Targets of Conquest

Uruguay Uruguay and Paraguay Paraguay share the same culture group though it does have some Brazilians, so they might be worth annexing. Both Uruguay and Paraguay do however have a very small population and one might decide that they are not worth the 22 infamy.

There are a lot of countries in South America that have cores on one another, so it is possible to look out for continental wars and strike when a country is weakened and occupied. Even Brazil is possible to take on if the timing is on point.

Bolivia is usually an easy target for conquest, with no alliances and meager military. They are often the target of other countries too which might make it even easier.

Chile has a decent population (for a South American Standard) and have valuable iron resources. They do however have a decent army and does usually ally itself with Brazil. It might be a difficult target, but it is sure a nice addition.

One can consider using national focus to create a crisis for Falkland Islands, but it might not be worth risking a war with the Juggernaut Great Britain for such a small island.


following all listed above the player should consider alternative ways of conquering your targets

As Paraguay and Uruguay have a very small population early on, the player should risk gaining infamy in something more worthwhile like a foothold in Africa or some land in a South American country and so, leaving Paraguay and Uruguay alone for some time.

The player should immediately aim for a war with Chile over its Iron.pngiron provinces before they get an alliance with Brazil, thus making the war more easier, if Chile gain an alliance with Brazil before the declaration of war the player should ally Brazil.

Historically the relations between Argentina and Brazil always changed according to the situation, from two rivals competing for influence in the Rio de la plata region to allies against a common foe, if the player desires to follow a more historical path an alliance with Brazil will prove very useful for Argentina as their combined military strength are more than enough to defeat any Latin American nation.

As South American countries have cores on one another one could exploit in a situation like this one: As soon Chile gets an alliance with Brazil they generally goes for his cores in Bolivia. Before they do so the player should justify an acquire state casus belli on Bolivia and aim for La Paz not only because La Paz have a good amount of population that could be used to expand Argentina's Army or because this region will gain Resource rubber.pngrubber later on, but to avoid letting Brazil grow stronger as Brazil usually go for La Paz once his core province is secured but even if Brazil don't try to get his core back from his first war against Bolivia, you would be making it impossible for him to do it in his second or third war.

When Chile declares war on Bolivia and call Brazil in the war, as soon you get your justification for war you should also declare war on Bolivia for La Paz and even if Peru Peru is allied with Bolivia(they are from the start of the game) it doesn't matter as they both will already be dealing with Chile and Brazil. You will only have to deal with Bolivia's army that will probably be occupying Brazil's provinces making it easy for the player and should the player get enough war score liberating Argentina's core province Jujuy from Bolivia will be a possibility. (even if you had already taked some land from Chile he would still win because of Brazil, leaving Bolivia very weakneed) As you defeat Bolivia, Paraguay could also declare war on them, the AI will take its cores in Formasa, that could be good for you as now Paraguay hold a province that happens to have your core.

If the player diseres an alliance with a great power France France or even Prussia Prussia are a good option as the player will need it in order to acquire a foothold in Africa, the African territories of Denmark Denmark or Netherlands Netherlands are a good choice, even Morocco Morocco or Zulu Zulu could be useful, later on the player could go for some of Madagascar Madagascars land for coal and POPs for your army.

Later on the scramble for Africa the player should try to grab what it can, specially a province with Coal.pngcoal or Iron.pngiron, after this the player should turn it attention back to South America as now, Paraguay and Uruguay have more population and they are mostly from your platinian culture, even Paraguay's secondary culture, Guarani, would have been mostly assimilated to platinian and the Brazilian populations that Uruguay begins with, have been totally assimilated as now they become a worthwhile annexation target. Brazil would probably already taked his cores back from Paraguay you could justify a conquest CB on Uruguay and an acquire state CB on Paraguay and take the Chaco region. The "guay" countries tend to have an alliance so you will face them both but this should not be a problem for you now specially if Brazil is your ally. After Uruguay's territories are occupied you should go for Paraguay and Brazil would probably destroyed Paraguay's army after you manage to occupy all Paraguayan territory you could add a liberate core CB your war score will be enough. That's why you should declare the war on Paraguay first because than you could peace out and annex Uruguay and then demand more things from Paraguay, after some time you could declare a conquest CB and annex the rest of Paraguay.

The player should create a crisis over Falkland Island or wait until the Uk are busy with some war against a great power and declare war for your cores in the island, making sure you call France or Prussia as they will be essential for winning the war.