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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Konservative Partei (conservative)
Capital Dessau
Population 36.00 thousand
Primary culture North German
Accepted cultures
Literacy 80 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized nation

Anhalt is a small German nation, located in northern Germany, enclosed by Prussia Prussia, in which sphere of influence it is in. It can form North German Federation North German Federation and/or Germany Germany if it raises to great power status which is very hard.

Anhalt has a high literacy (80%), but a very small population and can support only one soldier brigade at game start.

Strategy and threats

When Prussia forms NGF Anhalt will be annexed, and the game will be over. So one have to work from day 1 on preventing this. Due to Prussias protection it is however the only threat to Anhalt.

Due to being completely surrounded by Prussia, there is no obvious target for conquest. One does however need a province to become a Great power, which is needed to remove the ever-present threat of being incorporated into NGF. Getting in another Great powers sphere is not realistic Due to the very small army, Anhalt probably need Prussias help in the beginning. Denmark Denmark, Krakow Krakow or Netherlands Netherlands are among the possible targets, but any nation bordering Prussia, that isn't in a sphere can be a good target.

If one becomes a great power, the threat of Prussia attacking in a brothers war is the new ever-present threat. One can try to keep good relations with Prussia, but that can seem futile and at some point one has to challenge Prussia. Therefore, one has to have another Great Power ally ready when one is a great power. Russia Russia, Austria Austria and France France are all good options, and one should have good relations with all of them.

If Prussia looks like it is on the brink of forming NGF, one can provoke a revolution to revome Anhalt from Prussias sphere, but it is a temporary solution and a few years later Anhalt will be back in Prussias sphere.