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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Bey Faction (conservative)
Capital Constantine
Population 310.100
Primary culture Maghrebi
Accepted cultures
Literacy 7.0%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized nation

Al Djazair (Algeria) is a north African uncivilized nation, blocked off the sea by France France. It's likely to be swallowed up by the French early on in the game.

Occasionally, an AI Algeria will survive with only single-state status, sometimes as far as the 1870s or further. A human player can do much better. It may be a good idea for Algeria to make friends with France as soon as possible, and focus primarily on civilizing. From there, Sokoto Sokoto makes a good conquest (it rarely gets attacked successfully before 1880 due to its inland position, but its military can be overwhelmed by superior technology) so you have a springboard for colonies later on.

The ultimate test of Algeria is to reclaim that land lost to France and form Algeria in the form it is today, as Africa's largest nation.

Al Djazair is replaced by Algeria Algeria in AHD and HOD.


Your biggest concern is the Western Great Powers, France and Spain Spain who make very early conquests into the Sahara desert. The large French Army have a toehold on your core territory and would like to expand further into your land. Your best chance is to resist by building up your forces, focusing your research points on Military Technology and increase military funding as the French AI will on most games attempt to conquer your nation and no other Great Powers have enough influence on you to 'Protect You'.

Your population is mainly poor, uneducated miners who really wear down on your research points which you need to build up. Your best choice is to wisely use the Clergy NF, if you leave it on for too long your miners will dry up and move along taking away your main sources of riches(Iron.pngiron), or you could increase Education wages and decrease Middle Class taxes to encourage promotion to Clergy. Though this comes with rather the same problem.