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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Amir Faction(conservative)
Capital Kabul
Population 874.56 thousand
Primary culture Pashtun
Accepted cultures Tajik
Literacy 18,6%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilised
Status Uncivilized nation
Afghanistan in-game

Afghanistan is an uncivilised landlocked nation located in East-Central Asia. It borders Persia Persia to the west, Khiva Khiva, Bukkhara Bukkhara and Kokand Kokand to the north, Xinjiang Xinjiang(China China) and Panjab Panjab to the east and Kalat Kalat to the south. Since Afghanistan is a landlocked country, it does not have any coasts nor any ports and naval power. They have a very good literacy rate for an uncivilized nation.

Afghanistan has historically been very hard to invade despite numerous attempts from very powerful countries. This is also true in the game, since any attacker against Afghanistan will face severe attrition and it is very easily defended considering its size and power.

Afghanistan has a casus belli against Bukkhara to reclaim 1 province part of the Farrah region, as well as a casus belli against Punjab for the province of Peshawar in Panjabi Kalat


Afghanistan has a fairly large military, and can easily take Farrah back from Bukkhara. One Can initially challenge Punjab Punjab but Punjab has a bigger military and one needs to fight defensively. If one annexes Punjab one can try to take provinces from Persia or Sindh Sindh

Kalat, while a small country does actually have a large military, and can prove a useful ally against Panjab.