A Southern Belle

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A Southern Belle is an event for the United States of America United States of America. It will increase consciousness and thus bring USA closer the American Civil War. It will happen to a random state.


"Clad in her white dress, strolling down the streets of XCity, her radiance, nobility, and simple beauty turns heads. Speaking, her gentleness, kindness, hospitality and accent -- all draped in the flavors of magnolias, soft cotton and southern verandahs -- do the same. Virtue, honor, and dignity in manifest form, such are the women of the South. A toast, to Dixie!"

Xcity is of course replaced by the city in question.


To our Knights!

  • All Aristocrats mini.pngAristocrats in XState gain 0.25 Consciousness.
  • All Capitalists mini.pngCapitalists in XState gain 0.25 Consciousness.

To southern labour!

  • All Craftsmen mini.pngCraftsmen in XCity gain 0.25 Consciousness.
  • All Labourers mini.pngLabourers in XCity gain 0.25 Consciousness.