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A Mari Usque Ad Mare is a mod designed to add flavour and interest to Canada Canada and its constituent parts (Columbia, Quebec, Newfoundland, the Metis Confederacy, and Nova Scotia) in Victoria II.

Current Features (v0.8.1)

Political Changes

  • many Canadian and Québécois political parties receive name changes and issue tweaks to better reflect history
  • the Progressives, Social Credit, and the CCF are added as late-game parties to diversify the political field
  • some issue changes for the large parties (for instance, the Liberals drop support for free trade in the late game; the Progressives then show up to become the pro-free-trade party)

Map Changes

  • The region 'New Brunswick' is renamed to 'Maritime Provinces'
  • The NWT and Nunavut are renamed to District of Mackenzie and District of Keewatin respectively
  • Several provinces have been renamed to more accurate or less anachronistic names
  • Canada only has cores on Upper and Lower Canada
  • Cores have been added for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (PEI is too tiny to matter)
  • Regions of Canada that were unsettled at the start of the game are now unowned land. The life rating is also very low in these areas, requiring the construction of a railroad to colonization.


  • Adds an event for the assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee (only political assassination in Canada)
  • An extensive event chain to model the separation of the North American colonies from the UK, and their process of unification
  • An event tree offering two different paths for the construction of a transcontinental railway, opening up the interior to settlement
  • The Navy Debate is represented, with the UK calling on Canada to help if a rivalry develops with another power

Mechanical Changes

  • HM's government now has the same malus to emigration that Democracy has in the new world

Planned Features


  • events for CAN, USA and ENG to represent the Fenian movement
  • will incorporate Verenti's Nova Scotia mod


  • events and decisions for CAN to bring about the construction of transcontinental railways and the effects this had for opening the West


  • a variety of minor events and decisions to add political, cultural, economic, explorational, and military flavour to CAN, QUE, MTC, NEW, COL, and NOV


The current version (v0.1.1), released 12 Aug 2010, can be found here.